The things that make our work so different.

Let’s build a better world, one pixel at a time.


We are relentless minimalists in form and function. Do Less, do it better. Say Less, say it better.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


We strive to contribute to the health of the planet and every individual within it through design thinking and innovation. This includes the way we work, grow companies and interact with the world. We pursue stable health and sustainability.

Immediately Understandable

Push products to need as little training or support as possible. Design thinking, means smart defaults, common conventions and approachable interfaces.

Safe and Trustworthy

Especially in 3 key ways:

Data - Users should know what data we are collecting, and how it is used shared and stored. We defend the privacy and trust of our users. We also let users actually delete data if they wish.

Information - We work to build platforms and systems that are trustworthy and truthful. We work to stop misinformation and spam.

Community - We work to build kind, accepting and positive communities on the web. We take abuse seriously.

Stable Progress

Push the limits of innovation, move things forward. But move with with rock solid reliability and performance. Never compromise or risk in any way data security or data reliability.

We maintain stability through:

    Automated testing - Never brining test coverage below 80%. Ensuring every time features are updated, tests are updated accordingly.

    Mockups and prototyping - Before code is written we have prototypes. Interactive when necessary and ensure that all stakeholders understand the changes and have opportunity for input.

    Regular and Secure Backups - If there was a terrible outage or act of God we need to ensure that all data is secure and accessible if necessary.

    Build Simple, Flexible, Resilient Tools

    Provide sharp knives. Our users should surprise us in all the amazing ways they use the things we build. Yet, the system should be resilient and make it hard for the user to make mistakes.


    We work to not overwhelm users with unnecessary notifications or noise. This includes visual clutter.

    Build & Automate

    Build & Automate to invest into the platform whenever possible.

    Build - Whenever possible we build features to invest in system functionality. We don't "patch" or "hack" things together. We invest in infrastructure.

    Automate - We don't do tedious stuff. We are a technology company. We work hard to automate all tedious tasks that take away from the rich interactions only humans can do.

    Remote & Agile

    Remote - We don't spend money on expensive offices or unnecessary overhead. We don't restrict ourselves to only the talent that gathers in one city. We are remote first and we pass that value on to our clients and ultimately the world.

    Agile - We don't have layers of managers and red tape. We are skilled practitioners working together and constantly iterating.