Honest Town

Built in a weekend. Got enough traction and made Facebook mad enough for them to update their search.

HonestTown was a project that I completed in one weekend for Comedy Hack Day's Hackathon. It was built in collaboration with a comedian, the goal was to make a funny, entertaining way to leave satirical yet helpful comments to friends. I was the full stack developer on this project. I built the entire site front-end and backend in just 48 hours. Launching on Product hunt, the site got 40 up-votes. Within two days of launching over 500 profiles had been claimed and 2,000 cards of "honesty" were left. I was able to hack around facebook's restrictive API and integrate a full public facebook search by "scraping" the facebook search functionality that's found on their public site. As well, I integrated the ability to anonymously tweet feedback to others from "@honest_town".