Whiz Tutor

Find and book nearby tutors instantly.

Whiz Tutor let's parents and students easily and quickly find a local tutor, schedule and book them instantly. All through one simple app.

Over 50% cheaper than traditional tutoring. No "bundling" or "blocks" either. Just pay as you go.

Better For Students

For advanced students and teachers tutoring with Whiz is an amazing way to make money part time. One quick application, download the app and you are ready to make money part time helping students with homework and test prep.

Amazing For Tutors

The average Tutor makes over $250/mo just working less than 2 hours per week.

Built with simplicity and scale in mind. The platform handles everything. Payment, scheduling, tutor signup and more. All from the web, mobile app and even through smart SMS integration. Whiz tutor is live in both App Stores and on the web. Full API allows rapid development of new features with a stable infrastructure.